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Probate & Guardianship

Our tax services tackle a broad range of local, federal, and state taxation issues. After your initial consultation, we will be able to determine what solutions you need and what it will cost to get you the best outcome.


Probate is the process through a court to transfer a deceased person’s property. Whether you have a will or not, we can help.


If you need a special needs trust or a management trust for an incapacitated person, this will normally require guardianship court to get involved. We can assist you through the process and with your annual and final accounting needs.

Family Settlements

Families can sometimes disagree with distributions of a will or under the laws of intestacy. Entering into a family settlement agreement allows families to customize distributions to the heirs of beneficiaries of a deceased person. We can help you negotiate these agreements.

Determination of Heirship and Intestacy

Let us customize a package for your situation. We can use the laws of intestacy or family agreements to find you a solution. We can also help you negotiate and navigate more complicated probate situations.